Honeysuckle Family Jewels

by Fred Beans

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released June 25, 2016

'Libra' is a cover, originally by Claire Cottrill
All other songs by Rachel & Tyler
Thank you Mix Master Dyl for helpin out with Pretzel Twister
Thanks to Hannah, Sara, and Becco Burko for providing eloquent vocals on Fluttered Eyes
Biggest thank yous to Barbara Black, Steve Black, and Shannon Brady <3
Thank you to all of our friends for being nice and putting a little light in this dark world. ♀ We love you all.



all rights reserved


Fred Beans Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

We are Fred Beans and food is pretty alright

Grungy, crunchy, dancy, scrunchy

Rachel Levin (Fred) - guitar and vocals
Tyler Black (Beans) - drums

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Track Name: Mint Leaves
I dropped a tea bag
In my bath tub
To yield some sort of
Superficial stardust
I kicked my shoes off
and stuck my feet in
The water's so hot
It melted my skin

I'm still hung up
on last night's science fiction talk
You were so drunk
That you couldn't fucking walk
I am listening from across the room
To all the lucid words that you decide to spew

Now I chew mint leaves
to think about other things
I chew mint leaves
to think about other things
I just want you out of my head
So I can feel normally again

I'm so over sunny days
Dry humor is overrated
Your sarcasm is belated
None of this should be restated
I can't seem to catch a break
Wipe the sweat off of my face
Seal your mouth with masking tape
Wash it out with water and toothpaste
Track Name: Soap
I wanna wrap my hands around your throat
I had you in mind with everything I wrote
Just so you know

A libra and a scorpio
could never work, oh that I know
I fucking know

Disregard the when, whys, and the whos
All she's asking for is soap and shampoo
from you

and Robert do me this favor please
give her all the soap she needs
so she'll stay clean
Track Name: End Of Days
I wanna hold you til the end of days

I wanna hold you while your tooth gets better
I wanna hold you while my face gets redder
I wanna hold you while the sun explodes
I wanna hold you while the earth implodes

I wanna hold you til the end of days

I wanna hold you til your dog's okay
I wanna hold you while we get home safe

I wanna hold you til the end of days

I wanna hold you while the zombies come
I wanna hold you til their aliens

I wanna hold you til the end of days
Track Name: Attics
It's like the time I kissed that girl and I never told you about it
Cuz it didn't matter and cuz I'd never see her again
I notice how you sit down here through every stupid song
And you tell me that I'm stuck up
And you tell me I'm so wrong
I'm masked in ambiguity
I wanna let it break
But I don't know how many pops of whiskey I should take
I'm spitting bouts of arrogance
I'm spitting bouts of ambiance
You told me that my hands were cold and I've been frozen ever since
Track Name: Yop Culture
There's no explanation when I hear your name on the television
No justification when you shut me down with your religion
I wanna drop everything, go see Aurora Borealis
For the sake of shooting ranges, I exist as insignificant

We explore the nebules, engaging warp speed in your space ship
Ray gun wars and shooting stars, I am enjoying this vacation
Cut my hair, it's everywhere, cuz I am seeking liberation
I'm so lost but Danny's here, calming, sweet, and face to face we bleed
Track Name: Pretzel Twister
Small town pretzel twister, you've got a lot to say there mister

Read it and weep, this is an autobiography

I want a leo lover, all my time on earth I'd love her
Track Name: Senile City
So many bugs crawl through my bed
But I'd rather have you here instead
That's what I get for
Sleeping in the basement on the floor

I am enamored by boxes
They hold things that my hands can't
Just hold on, wait, it's fine
You won't ever take your time

Let's go to lunch, I'd never, you said we can't sleep forever
So I'll just drop dead
I'll drown in my silly fucking head
Track Name: Her Clothes
I had no idea she wore foundation
Until she kissed me
And I could smell it on the bridge of her nose

I had no idea she would use me
Until she did it
And now all I remember is her clothes
Track Name: Indigo
I need affirmation
To make me feel better

Hold me
Hold me, One and Only
There's nothing better

baby black eyed Susan
broken and bruised up

in my dirty bedroom
Crying about you

Float me down the river
your looks are killer
make the whole sky glow
Float me down the river
before i kill her
stare out the window
I don't know

rooted, sordid flower
For only an hour

Pisces, stunted power
Don't know for how long

Curtis tells me I'm his only
But he never calls me

Windy, rainy
dark and hazy
I don't wanna be crazy
Track Name: Fluttered Eyes
Plastered on my face
are forced eye flutters cuz they're all the rage
And while you talk about how she's nothing but a hand me down
I'll sit with fluttered eyes and smile away all the words you wanna say

The garage will never feel the same as how it feels to front the stage
And I am tired already of Zack and Freddy soaking me in ideology
I'll waste my precious time with fluttered eyes to combat lies and albies

You know I'll laugh when we get cut in half
And start sinking like a Britania ship
and all the barnacles latch onto us and we lie gracefully, just you and me

And while we're wasting time we'll sing a little tune